John Kyle

Happy Customer

I just recently started using the Jes Extender, and I thought I’d begin posting my experiences as a sort-of-blog, to motivate myself and others.

When I received the device, I was definately impressed with its quality. It came with the comfort strap, which–for the most part–works well, but I do have problems with occassional slippage. I ordered the Custom Velcro attach strap and will comment on it when it arrives. But anyhow, figuring out the device was pretty straightforward.

Before beginning with the device, my measurements were 6 5/8 erect length, 4 3/4 girth, and abysmal flaccid length, lol. My goals were primarily to improve my girth and flaccid hang, being fairly satisfied with my length. Also, I’ve always had a problem with my (what I’m assuming is my) left-side ligament on my penis: it feels much “tighter” and tends to retract much more so than the right side. It’s uncomfortable and really diminishes my flaccid hang.

Already I can see some results. After a week and a half of a very achy, sore left ligament, it has finally relaxed and feels much more comfortable now. My flaccid hang has greatly improved as a result. Further, I’ve already gained a consistently-measured 1/8″ to my erect length, and my flaccid stretched length has improved from (before JE) 6 3/4″ to slightly over 7″ already. I think alot of the increase has come from relaxing/stretched ligaments. In any case, I’m digging it. 🙂

One casualty was my comfort pad, however. I’ve washed it after every use and then squeezed the water out, but I think the seam was stressed by all this–it broke 2 days ago, so now I’m using just gauze for comfort/protection. Oh well.

So all-in-all, two weeks in I’ve already seen some progress.