Frank David

Happy Customer

lt does make me feel diferent and through my experience all girls love a big penis, all the girlfriends l have had ever since l started dated girl were amazed at my penis size and knowing girls they love to tell thier girlfriends that they going out with a guy who’s got a big penis.

My current girlfriend just loves it and always trying to get me hard wherever we are just so she can feel it.

l guess this is the reason where l decided to buy the jes, cos before buying it l measured at 8 inches long erect and 6 inches girth, my plan is to acheive another 2 inches erect and half an inch girth.

l’m approaching my 3rd month and stretching is going very well, l have not measured yet but l noticed that girth wise its looking fatter and also my girlfriend has noticed something differant with her sayingits seems to be growing. So if my GF has noticed something going on then it confirms that the jes must be working.